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Should I be Seeking Medical Attention?

How Should I be Seeking Medical Attention? It is imperative that medical attention be sought as soon as possible soon after an accident or injury. Many times injuries like whiplash and concussions are not evident and visible, therefore, you should have get checked by a physician even if you do not feel you were injured. for more details click here.

Seeking Medical Attention? Step should be taken to document your visible injuries by taking photos of your bruises, swelling, cuts, and abrasions as these types of injuries can heal quickly and should be documented as early as possible.

Under Florida law, you may lose your entitlement to $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection(PIP) if you do not see a physician within 14 days of the accident.  Many people delay getting medical treatment hoping the pain will go away, however this can have a significant negative effect on the benefits ultimately available to them in their case.  Additionally, a jury evaluating this matter may question the severity of the injuries if there is a significant delay in obtaining medical attention after the accident occurs.

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