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What is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

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Many times insurance companies will attempt to settle Your Personal Injury Case Worth claims with you before a lawyer gets involved.  This is an attempt by the insurance company to settle your case for less than it is worth.  If you accept their offer in exchange for a release of rights, then your claim is closed.  It does not matter if one week later you realize your injuries were much worse than originally anticipated.

If you retain a lawyer, he will not know how much your case is worth until you have had the necessary medical treatment and seen the necessary specialist to determine the treatment you currently need and the treatment you will need in the future.  Those needs will have an impact in the value of your case. Once you have completed your treatment and have reached the point of maximum medical improvement (MMI), which is when you have reached the point at which further improvement is not expected by your physicians, your case can be demanded.  Your attorney will:

  • Gather all medical records for treatment received to date and bills associated therewith to include as part of the demand.
  • Gather all documents reflecting past wage loss and future wage loss.
  • Gather all medical records that delineate the anticipated future medical treatment.

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